AS a graduate of South Garland 1985, I furthering my education receiving an Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering (Eastfield 1989). I have worked for several years as a computer repair tech for a company that closed down when the owner retired. A small group of us built an ISP company running out of the front room of my house in downtown Rockwall, until the Dotcom disaster killed us in the late 90’s. We shut down in 2000…

I owned my owned business as a General Contractor company, building the first website for my construction company in Rockwall TX in (1998). I have been blogging for over 12 years now and built many websites for clients, during that period. I have been a contractor until 2008 when the housing bubble cratered and the construction industry fell through the floor.

In (2008) started to sell/promote a product I was selling out of Florida, in Austin, that was 100% organic to farmers. Now farmers are not computer geeks and when I told them they could get all the info from the web it was like talking to men from Mars (not all of them of course). Not the mention Texas has burnt off the grid for the last 5 years, business was not good but I was making a few sales and getting new clients in 5 different states from the internet.

I had a partner in Austin during that time, and we built a website that had great exposure, we had over 250K hits in three (3) months, all by blogging, link embedding, and re-postings of articles.

The website was shut down (2010) by someone (government) and all my postings were wiped out, along with contacts, followers and the domain was locked up; in fact the hosting company wouldn’t give me any reason other than “no comment” and gave me a full refund saying they wouldn’t host any sites for me again. I was bashing the government for the use of pesticides and chemical farming.

I had made a business contact in California about the organic minerals I was selling, and they wanted me to be a spokes person for their company. I moved to California (2011) to promote that business for some investors, but the government got involved (again) and shut it down over politics; I had to move back to Dallas, where I am from. I was not going to wait 3 years for testing to be approved by the state over regulations and pedantic studies.

I have been back since June 1st 2012 and started blogging about the democrats and how wrong they are. It’s my opinion there on the wrong side of history, and driving this country into the ground. You can visit the site here Damdems to see if you agree with me. I have over 1792 hits and over 1300 followers in two months time it has changed since the time of writing this post.

I was talking to some people back in Austin that I knew when I lived there; they told me about social media management and how they are making money providing a service by up-dating social sites in a blog format.

They said, since I have been doing this for so long it would be a natural fit.

Now, I am doing this as a full time job, the economy is bad, people need a way to get their service/products into the market faster than print or word of mouth. Although word of mouth is still the best way I’m going to incorporate that method with the internet/social media to get the best of both worlds.

Let us sit down with you for a quick tour how our service can get your blog site into the mainstream online media for a fraction of the cost/time you would spend doing this. Visit the Why DallasMMS for more insight.

We update your blog posting with pictures and short succinct stories that can provide help, advice, and/or information they would spend hours researching on their own. Google is fast, but if you have done any research on your own you know how the information overload can be overwhelming.

By driving people to your page they start following you, this forces your business to get updated products/services to your clients faster, simple huh?

How fast do you get information to your future clients now?

If they are not following you then they are not into you!

We get people wanting your information…

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