Why DallasMMS

Do you have a website?

If you do that’s great, but there is one thing you should know. You’re not getting higher Google rankings if your not updating your website, therefore your not driving people to your site.


Simple, if your not updating your site means it’s static, therefore the only way people find you is by a direct web URL address typed into a browser, or direct Google search. How can you increase this traffic? By blogging.

This will update your rankings by creating a web crawl on different keywords or tags by different SEO’s.

Social Media is the fastest way to create more traffic while getting your future clients engaged into your portal.


Just think if you had a posted blog, and Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Penterest, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Tumblr, were getting updated simultaneously (some media sites do require a manual input) by a professional blogger; so that all social media sites are pointing towards your web site/blog post at one time?

Also using Google Webmaster Certification Listings, (so it can be searched/crawled) gets you more traffic faster for future clients.

This is where we come in.

We provide you a means to put more SEO’s in action, create a social page that is not static, engage clients to visit your page, and updating them via email, or on their mobile device, about your new postings.

The more people that click on your links the more traffic you get, thus, higher SEO ranking’s.

Here is another way to keep people on your site, by linking pages together so they get more info without doing additional searches for similar information. These links “must” be manually embedded into the blog when it’s written up.

When you have people follow your Blog and/or social media sources, these feeds are updated like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook automatically.

In other words you are bombing them with information, not waiting on them to find it when they can or have time.

The Ideal Expert

It’s becoming increasingly trendy to staff your social media guru spot with someone young.

That’s wise to a point—the younger generations have grown up with social media and are very comfortable navigating it—but it should not be a mortal lock.

Instead, look for a deeper understanding from someone that has your best interest in mind and wants you to succeed.

Your expert-to-be should know the major platforms in and out, have at least a working knowledge of blogging, social platforms, writing, video and webinars/podcasts and be able to grasp how SEO works.

If they’re 22 or 50, every candidate and especially every hire should exhibit an active mastery of at least the basics of social media, plus ability to navigate up and coming trends.

They also need to have one heck of a work ethic. Social media management is relatively easy to get started with and requires little time per post or update, but that time adds up fast, as you grow so will the workload...

I would estimate that I spend about 50 hours a week in the blogasphere updating Twitter feeds, Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and various other platforms in order to promote content and have conversations around small business. Incorporating your business into this time frame easily, but time is money.

It’s critically important to do this, and I thoroughly enjoy doing so, but it’s not a gig for a part-time employee or novices, after all, you want short concise postings without conjecture.

Above all, though, you need someone who knows their stuff. The only question is, what if you can’t find someone?

Should You Outsource with a large firm?

If you can’t find a candidate who satisfies your requirements, you can outsource the work to a dedicated SEO company.

This can be very costly, time consuming, and frustrating with a large firm, after all, how many times have you called a company to eventually end up chatting with somebody who doesn’t even speak English across the pond?

I believe a social media expert can make an enormous difference for your business. With their ability to reach wide swaths of people quickly, easily and a chance to make a lasting impact on customers past, present and future purchase from your business. How essential is that to you?

Just make sure you hire a great one that has your business in mind, if you don’t grow, then nobody succeeds.

Just look at a few business blogs (New Clients tab) that have been created and in the short amount of time how many hits they have had, do you want hits like these?

Does your business have a dedicated social media expert?

If not, your doing a disservice to your business…

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